Asian Restaurant


Thai Noodle and Rice

All Dishes Comes with the Choice of Shrimp, Chicken, Beef, Tofu & Vegetables

98. Pad Thai
sauteed Thai rice noodle that intertwine itself w. scattered egg, crushed peanuts, small tofu and scallion. Offset to the side are the fresh bean sprouts and extra crushed peanuts
Spicy99. Drunken Noodles
this dish is made up of flat noodles sauteed w. bell peppers, onion, string beans and Thai basil
Spicy100. Khao Soi
golden egg noodles drenched w. yellow curry and coconut milk
101. Pad Siew
flat noodles, sauteed w. egg, Chinese broccoli in dark soy bean sauce with a sprinkle of black peppers
102. Pineapple Fried Rice
fried rice sauteed with pineapple, cashew nuts, onion, scallion, egg with brown sauce
Spicy103. Thai Spicy Fried Rice
spicy fried rice sauteed w. onion, scallion, bell pepper, basil leaves and Thai chili sauce