Asian Restaurant


Thai Curry

Most Dishes Comes with the Choice of Shrimp, Chicken or Beef, Except #97
(Tofu and Vegetables $12.5)

Spicy92. Green Curry
green curry cooked w. eggplant, string bean, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, coconut milk, Thai basil
Spicy93. Red Curry
red curry cooked w. bamboo shoots, string bean, coconut milk and Thai basil
Spicy94. Masaman Curry
"Thai Muslim Curry" cooked w. coconut milk, tamarind, onion, carrot, potato and peanut
Spicy95. Panang Curry
panang curry cooked w. lime leaves, string beans, bell pepper and Thai basil
Spicy96. Jungle Curry
jungle curry w. green bean, baby corn, bamboo shoots, eggplant, mushrooms, basil leave, Thai herbs and bell peppers(without coconut milk)
Spicy97. Pineapple Duck in Red Curry
sliced "Bad to the Boneless" duck simmered in coconut milk, red curry, tomato, pineapple, pepper and Thai basil