Asian Restaurant


Lunch Special

Mon. - Fri.: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Chinese Lunch

All Served with Miso Soup or Salad
Choice of Rice: White, Brown or Veg. Fried Rice
SpicyL1. Kung Pao
Chicken $8.95 / Shrimp $9.95
SpicyL2. Eggplant with Garlic Sauce
Chicken $8.95 / Beef $9.95 / Shrimp $9.95
L3. String Bean in Brown Sauce
Chicken $8.95 / Beef $9.95 / Shrimp $9.95
L4. Sauteed Snow Peas
Chicken $8.95 / Beef $9.95 / Shrimp $9.95
L5. Sweet and Sour Chicken $8.95
SpicyL6. Crispy General Tso's Chicken $8.95
L7. Sesame Chicken $8.95
L8. Buddhist Delight
(Sauteed or Steamed)
L9. Sauteed or Steamed Broccoli
Chicken $8.95 / Beef $9.95 / Shrimp $9.95
L10. Bean Curd with Two Kinds of Mushroom $8.95
SpicyL11. Szechuan
Chicken $8.95 / Beef $9.95 / Shrimp $9.95

Thai Lunch

Please Choose Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Vegetable & Tofu
All Served with Soup or Salad
Choice of Rice: White, Brown or Veg. Fried Rice (Except #L12-16)
L12. Pad Thai (Rice Noodles) $9.95
SpicyL13. Drunken Noodles (Flat Noodles) $9.95
L14. Pad Siew (Flat Noodles) $9.95
L15. Pineapple Fried Rice $9.95
SpicyL16. Thai Basil Fried Rice $9.95
L17. Mango Chicken $9.95
SpicyL18. Sauteed Thai Basil $9.95
SpicyL19. Thai Red Curry $9.95
SpicyL20. Thai Green Curry $9.95

Japanese Lunch Box

(Includes 3 pcs California Roll, 2 pcs Gyoza, Soup or Salad Choose from Below)
Teriyaki Lunch Box
(Chicken, Tofu, Salmon, Beef or Shrimp)
Beef or Chicken Negimaki Lunch Box
(Beef or Chicken rolled with Scallion)
Tempura Lunch Box
(Deep fried shrimp and vegetables)
Broiled Eel Lunch Box $12.95
Sushi Lunch Box
(4 pcs of assorted raw fish on seasoned rice balls)
Sashimi Lunch
(4 pcs of assorted raw fish)

Lunch Roll

w. Soup or Salad
Tuna RollSpicy Tuna Roll
Salmon RollSalmon Cucumber Roll
Yellowtail Scallion RollSalmon Mango Roll
Eel Avocado RollSalmon Avocado Roll
Boston RollSalmon Skin Roll
Alaska RollEel Cucumber Roll
California RollSpicy Yellowtail Roll
Oshinko RollShrimp Tempura Roll
Kampyo RollShrimp Avocado Roll
Shitake Cucumber RollShrimp Cucumber Roll
Crunchy Spicy Salmon RollPeanut Avocado Roll
Avocado RollSweet Potato Tempura Roll
Tuna Avocado RollPumpkin Tempura Roll
Tuna Cucumber RollWhite Fish Tempura Roll
Tuna Mango Roll
Any Two Rolls $11.95
Any Three Rolls $15.95


1. Miso Soup $3.50
2. Mushroom Soup $4.50
Spicy3. Tom Yum Soup
(prawns w. lemongrass), Hot and Sour Soup w. mushroom, lemongrass, lime leaf, galangal, prawns and lemongrass.
Spicy4. Tom Kha Soup
chicken in coconut milk soup w. mushroom and flavored by galangal
5. Wonton Soup (pork) $3.50
6. Chicken Corn Soup $3.50
Spicy7. Hot and Sour Soup $3.50
8. Seafood Soup (for 2 ) $9.95


ER. Egg Roll $2.50
9. Satay (4 Skewers)
marinated and grilled chicken or grilled beef on skewers with side of peanut sauce and sampler cucumber salad
10. Crispy Wrapped Roll
Vegetable or Shrimp
11. Fish Cakes (4 pcs)
fries fish cake (King fish) with Kafir lime leaves and red curry paste. Served with sweet chili cucumber salad
12. Fried Calamari
Golden, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, squid rings. Served on shredded lettuce and sweet chili sauce on the side
13. Curry Puff (3 pcs)
stuffed with chicken, potato, onion and curry powder with cucumber sauce
14. Ebi Shumai (6 pcs)
steamed shrimp dumpling
15. Age Dashi Tofu
fried Japanese bean curd
16. Wasabi Shumai (6 pcs)
steamed pork dumpling with Wasabi Paste
17. Shrimp Tempura $9.50
18. Vegetables Tempura $7.50
19. Edamame
steamed young soy beans
22. Spicy Tartar
(Salmon or Tuna)
23. Beef Negimaki or Chicken Negimaki
roll stuffed w. scallion
24. Tuna Ravioli (2 pcs)
Ravioli wrapped in wasabi tobiko, crunchy tempura flake and avocado wasabi mayo
24a. Yellowtail Jalapeno
Served with ponzu sauce
Spicy25. Spicy Rainbow Tartar
spicy lobster, spicy tuna, spicy salmon with crispy sweet potato
26. Tuna Tataki
sliced tuna served ponzu sauce
27. Gyoza (chicken, pork or vegetables)
Japanese pan fried dumpling
28. Honey Bee Ribs $9.95
29. Angel Prawns (4) $7.95
30. Roast Pork $8.95
31. Scallion Pancake $6.50
32. Cold Sesame Noodles
(peanut butter sauce)


33. Thai Salad
fresh salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and tofu. Served with Thai peanut dressing
34. Duck Salad
crispy duck with onion, scallion, fresh mints leaf, pineapple, cashew nuts and lemon chili paste dressing
35. Green Papaya Salad
green papaya with carrot, tomato, string bean, peanut in Thai style sauce
36. Seaweed Salad $6.50
37. Avocado Salad $6.50
38. Kani Salad (crab meat) $6.50
39. Ozen Salad
chicken, shrimp, avocado, mushroom with ginger dressing
39a. Salmon Skin Salad
Salmon skin, seaweed salad, cucumber caviar, scallion w. eel sauce
39b. Mixed Green Salad $6.50
39c. Sashimi Salad $11.95


40. Roast Pork w. Broccoli $14.50
41. Shredded Pork w. String Beans $14.50
43. Pork Chop w. Onion $15.50
44. King Doo Pork Chop $15.50
Spicy45. Pepper-Salt Spice Pork Chop $15.50


47. Beef Sauteed Broccoli $15.95
48. Pepper Steak w. Onion $15.95
Spicy49. Beef w. Garlic $15.95
Spicy50. Beef w. Assorted Vegetables $15.95
51. Beef w. String Beans $15.95
Spicy52. Szechuan Beef $15.95
53. Beef Snow Peas $15.95
Spicy54. Beef Eggplant $15.95
Spicy55. Crispy Orange Beef $16.95


56. Chicken w. Broccoli $14.50
Spicy57. Kung Pao Chicken w. Peanuts $14.50
58. Chicken Assorted Vegetables $14.50
Spicy59. Chicken w. Eggplant $14.50
60. Diced Chicken w. Cashew Nuts $14.50
61. Chicken Dried String Beans $14.50
62. Chicken Snow Peas $14.50
Spicy63. Chicken w. Garlic Sauce $14.50
Spicy64. Szechuan Chicken $14.50
65. Sweet and Sour Chicken $14.50
Spicy66. Crispy General Tso's Chicken $15.50
67. Crispy Sesame Chicken $15.50
68. Crispy Duck (1/2) $28.95
69. Ozen Boneless Duck (1/2) $28.95


70. Shrimp with Broccoli $15.95
Spicy71. Kung Pao Shrimp with Peanuts $15.95
Spicy72. Shrimp with Garlic Sauce $15.95
73. Shrimp with Snow Peas $15.95
74. Shrimp Assorted Vegetables $15.95
75. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce $15.95
Spicy76. Szechuan Shrimp $15.95
Spicy77. Shrimp with Chili Sauce $15.95
Spicy78. Shrimp with Eggplant $15.95
79. Scallop with Broccoli $15.95
Spicy80. Scallop with Garlic Sauce $15.95
81. Heavenly Fish Fillet $15.95
82. Crispy Fillet Sea Bass
(Velvety Mandarin Sauce)


83. Buddhist Delight $13.95
84. Sauteed String Beans $13.95
85. Eggplant w. Five Flavors $13.95
Spicy86. Broccoli w. Garlic Sauce $13.95
87. Bean Curd w. Black Bean Sauce $13.95
Spicy88. Bean Curd Szechuan Style $13.95
89. Sesame Tofu $14.50
90. Sauteed Shanghai Bok Choy $14.50
91. Chinese Broccoli w. Oyster Sauce $14.50

Thai Curry

Most Dishes Comes with the Choice of Shrimp, Chicken or Beef, Except #97
(Tofu and Vegetables $14.95)

Spicy92. Green Curry
Tofu and Vegetable $14.95 / Chicken $16.95 / Beef $16.95 / Shrimp $16.95
green curry cooked w. eggplant, string bean, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, coconut milk, Thai basil
Spicy93. Red Curry
Tofu and Vegetable $14.95 / Chicken $16.95 / Beef $16.95 / Shrimp $16.95
red curry cooked w. bamboo shoots, string bean, coconut milk and Thai basil
Spicy94. Masaman Curry
Tofu and Vegetable $14.95 / Chicken $16.95 / Beef $16.95 / Shrimp $16.95
"Thai Muslim Curry" cooked w. coconut milk, tamarind, onion, carrot, potato and peanut
Spicy95. Panang Curry
Tofu and Vegetable $14.95 / Chicken $16.95 / Beef $16.95 / Shrimp $16.95
panang curry cooked w. lime leaves, string beans, bell pepper and Thai basil
97. Pineapple Duck in Red Curry
Sliced "Bad to the boneless" duck simmered in coconut milk, red curry, tomato, pineapple, pepper & thai basil

Thai Noodle and Rice

All Dishes Comes with the Choice of Shrimp, Chicken, Beef, Tofu & Vegetables

98. Pad Thai
sauteed Thai rice noodle that intertwine itself w. scattered egg, crushed peanuts, small tofu and scallion. Offset to the side are the fresh bean sprouts and extra crushed peanuts
Spicy99. Drunken Noodles
this dish is made up of flat noodles sauteed w. bell peppers, onion, string beans and Thai basil
Spicy100. Khao Soi
golden egg noodles drenched w. yellow curry and coconut milk
101. Pad Siew
flat noodles, sauteed w. egg, Chinese broccoli in dark soy bean sauce with a sprinkle of black peppers
102. Pineapple Fried Rice
fried rice sauteed with pineapple, cashew nuts, onion, scallion, egg with brown sauce
Spicy103. Thai Spicy Fried Rice
spicy fried rice sauteed w. onion, scallion, bell pepper, basil leaves and Thai chili sauce

Chinese and Japanese Noodles and Fried Rice

Spicy104. Singapore Mai Fun
stir fried chicken and shrimp with curry flavor
105. Chow Fun
choice of chicken, beef, veg. shrimp or roast pork stir fried flat noodles
106. Chicken / Roast Pork / Veg. Lo Mein $11.95
107. Beef or Shrimp Lo Mein $12.95
108. House Special Lo Mein $12.95
109. Seafood Pan Fried Noodle $18.00
110. Mandarin Fried Rice
choice of: Roast Pork, Chicken or Vegetable
111. Mandarin Fried Rice
Choice of beef or shrimp
112. Young Chow Fried Rice
(Chicken and Shrimp)
113. House Special Fried Rice $12.95
114. Yaki Udon
Japanese style stir fried noodles, chicken, shrimp or vegetables
115. Tempura Udon Soup
shrimp, chicken or vegetables
Spicy116. Curry Seafood Udon Soup $14.50

Vietnamese Special

117. Bo Luc Lac
stir-fried steak cubes over high-flame, served with tomato, baby green salad
118. Honey-Ginger
Vegetable / Chicken or Beef or Shrimp Extra $3
Traditional Vietnamese style dish sauteed w. tricolor bell peppers & onion
119. Vietnamese Curry
Vegetable / Chicken or Beef or Shrimp Extra $3
Sauteed with eggplant, onion, string bean and bell peppers in curry and coconut milk
120. Vietnamese Rice Noodles
(Choice of vegetables, chicken, beef or shrimp)
stir-fried flat rice noodles with vegetable, egg and crushed peanuts, served with fish sauce on the side
121. Spicy and Tasty
Vegetable / Chicken or Beef or Shrimp Extra $3
Sauteed with bell peppers and onion in our spicy and tasty sauce on the steamed broccoli
122. Vietnamese Pork Chop
grilled marinated pork chop with lemongrass, sauced on the side

Ozen Spa Cuisine

(No Oil, No Salt, No Corn Starch, Sauce on the Side)
Choice of: White, Brown, Garlic or Black Bean Sauce

D1. Steamed Mixed Vegetables $13.95
D2. Steamed Tofu with Broccoli $13.95
D3. Steamed Chicken w. Broccoli $14.50
D4. Steamed Chicken w. Snow Peas $14.50
D5. Steamed Chicken w. Assorted Veg $14.50
D6. Steamed Shrimp w. Broccoli $15.95
D7. Steamed Shrimp w. Snow Peas $15.95
D8. Steamed Shrimp w. Assorted Veg $15.95
D9. Steamed Scallop w. Snow Peas $15.95
D10. Steamed Scallop w. Assorted Vegetables $15.95
D11. Steamed Rainbow Delight
Sliced chicken and prawns w. assorted vegetables

Thai Wok

SpicyC1. Volcanic Sea
Crispy, yet tender, fillet sea bass drenched in red curry sauce, rejuvenated w. bell peppers and Thai basil leaves. In addition to it all is the Thai Green Eggplant
SpicyC2. Seafood Lover
Bundle together in a metal dish are the shrimps, calamari, fillet of sea bass, which mingles in w. bell pepper, Thai basil and roast chili sauce
SpicyC3. Mango Chicken
Mixed Thai herbs, fresh mango sauteed w. chicken, bell peppers in chef's special mango sauce
SpicyC4. Thai Basil
(Choice of shrimp, chicken, beef, tofu and veg).
Mixture of chilies, onion, string bean and bell peppers, sauteed in Thai basil sauce
SpicyC5. Mango Shrimp
Mixed Thai herbs, fresh mango sauteed w. shrimp, bell peppers in a chef special mango sauce
C6. Bangkok Pork Chop
Pork chop grilled & marinated in black pepper and thai herbs
C7. Duck Tamarind
Crispy boneless half duck w. tamarind sauce
SpicyC8. Ozen Thai Spicy
(Choice of shrimp, chicken, beef, tofu and veg).
Sauteed w. special home made hot sauce, chili peppers, string bean, bamboo shoots and basil leaves
SpicyC9. Duck Vegetarian Basil
Sauteed duck vegetarian w. string bean, onion, bell pepper and basil sauce

Chef s Specialties

SpicyC10. Salt Pepper Prawns w. Spice (w. Shell) $18.50
C11. Crispy Prawns w. Honey Walnuts $18.50
C12. Ocean Delight
Jumbo shrimp, squid, scallop, lobster meat sauteed w. assorted vegetables in white garlic olive sauce
SpicyC13. Chicken and Shrimp in Ginger Sauce
White meat chicken and jumbo shrimp w. ginger and string beans in Hunan style sauce
SpicyC14. Scallop and Shrimp in Garlic Sauce
Fresh scallop and jumbo shrimp w. vegetables in garlic sauce
SpicyC15. General Tso's Double Delight
Breaded jumbo shrimp and chicken in General Tso's sauce, broccoli on the side
C16. Twin Mango
Shredded mango, shrimp and chicken sauteed with bell peppers, mango salsa fruit sauce in mango shell
C18. Asparagus
Choose chicken, beef, shrimp
C19. Four Season
A combination of chicken, beef, jumbo shrimp, roast pork with assorted vegetables in special chef's sauce
C25. Sesame Double (Chicken and Shrimp) $17.50
C26. Seafood w. Chinese Green $18.50
C27. Spinach w. Garlic Sauce $14.50
C28. Spinach w. Chicken $15.00
C29. Spinach w. Shrimp or Beef $15.95

Ozen Special Roll

J1. Panko Crusted Tuna Roll
Tuna, mixed greens wrapped w. crispy panko, w. chef's special sauce
J2. Spicy Blue Crab Roll
Eel, avocado wrapped with blue crab, spicy kani, caviar, chef's special sauce
J3. Angel Roll
Shrimp tempura, lobster wrapped with mango, avocado, orange curry sauce, raspberry sauce
J4. Racoon Roll
Crunchy spicy tuna wrapped with salmon wasabi spicy mayo top
J5. Tokyo Roll
Tokyo style pressed sushi with crunchy spicy tuna, avocado, topped with tuna, salmon, white tuna, chili mayonnaise sauce
J6. Ocean Roll
Lobster, sun-dried tomato, cucumber, asparagus, wrapped with avocado, mango, topped with caviar, orange curry, passion fruit sauce
J7. Crispy Spicy Tuna or Crispy Spicy Lobster Roll
Crispy sweet rice spring roll topped with spicy tuna or crispy spicy lobster in chef's sauce
J8. Butterfly Roll
Shrimp tempura, lobster, spicy tuna inside, topped with white tuna, avocado, caviar, chili mayonnaise sauce, eel sauce, raspberry sauce
J9. Blue Crab Summer Roll
Blue crab, shrimp, lobster, avocado, sun-dried tomato, cucumber, cilantro wrapped with soybean sheet, passion fruit sauce, wasabi dressing
J10. Naruto Roll
Wrapped w. thin sliced cucumber avocado & caviar.
A. Spicy Tuna B. Kani C. Eel Lover D. Tuna E. Rainbow F. Salmon G. Yellowtail H. Spicy Salmon
J11. Rainbow Roll
Crab, avocado, cucumber topped with assorted raw fish
J12. Dragon Roll
Eel, cucumber inside, wrapped with avocado, topped with caviar, eel sauce
J13. Sweet Heart Roll
Spicy tuna, avocado, tempura flake tobiko wrapped w. fresh tuna
J14. Manhattan Roll
Shrimp tempura, avocado, topped with spicy tuna, chili mayo, eel sauce
J15. Black Dragon Roll
Shrimp Tempura, avocado, wrapped eel chili mayo sauce, eel sauce
J16. Red Dragon Roll
Eel, avocado, asparagus inside, topped with spicy tuna, chili mayo, eel sauce
J17. Vegetarian Dragon Roll
Sun-dried tomato, asparagus, cucumber inside, wrapped with avocado passion fruit sauce, raspberry sauce
J18. Naso Roll
Crunchy Spicy salmon, avocado, topped with salmon, chili mayonnaise sauce
J18a. Amsterdam Roll
Tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumber inside, topped w. yellowtail, chef's special sauce
J18b. Broadway Roll
Crusted seaweed, wrapped spicy tuna, spicy salmon, yellowtail, avocado, caviar, w. chef's special sauce

Sushi Bar Entree

Served with Miso Soup or Salad (Except J25d, J25e)

J19. Sushi Deluxe
8 pcs assorted sushi, 1 spicy tuna roll
J20. Sashimi Deluxe
15 pcs assorted sashimi
J21. Sushi and Sashimi for One
8 pcs assorted sashimi, 5 pcs assorted sushi, 1 spicy tuna roll
J22. Sushi for Two
12 pcs assorted sushi, 1 California roll, 1 spicy tuna roll, 1 shrimp tempura roll
J23. Sushi and Sashimi for Two
12 pcs assorted sashimi, 10 pcs assorted sushi, 1 spicy tuna roll, 1 special roll
J24. Vegetarian Sushi
8 pcs assorted veg. sushi and one shitake cucumber
J25. Chirashi
13 pcs assorted sashimi on a bed of sushi rice
J25a. Roll A
California roll, salmon roll & tuna roll
J25b. Roll B
California roll, salmon, cucumber roll & yellowtail salmon roll
J25c. Roll C
Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy yellowtail w. crunchy
J25d. 10 Rolls Party Tray
Choice of 9 regular rolls & one special roll
J25e. 12 Rolls Party Tray
Choice of 10 regular rolls & two special roll

Tempura and Katsu

Served with Miso Soup, Salad and Steamed Rice

J26. Vegetables Tempura $13.50
J27. Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura $17.00
J28. Shrimp Tempura $17.95
J29. Combo Tempura
chicken, shrimp and veg
J30. Ton Katsu (pork cutlet) $16.50
J31. Chicken Katsu (chicken cutlet) $16.50


Served with Miso Soup, Salad and Steamed Rice

Tofu Teriyaki $14.00
Chicken Teriyaki $15.95
Beef Teriyaki $18.95
Shrimp Teriyaki $18.95
Scallop Teriyaki $18.95
Salmon Steak $18.95
Beef or Chicken Negi Maki
(Thin Sliced beef or chicken rolled with scallions)

A La Carte

A1. Tuna $3.50
A2. Spicy Tuna $3.50
A3. White Tuna $3.50
A4. Spicy Salmon $3.50
A5. Yellowtail $3.50
A6. Salmon $3.50
A7. Smoked Salmon $3.50
A8. Fluke $3.50
A9. Striped Bass $3.50
A10. Mackerel $3.50
A11. Octopus $4.50
A12. Shrimp $3.50
A13. Sweet Shrimp $7.50
A14. Squid $3.50
A15. Scallop $5.50
A16. Crabstick $3.50
A17. Sea Urchin $7.00
A18. King Crab $7.00
A20. Egg $3.50
A21. Salmon Roe $4.00
A22. Tobiko $3.50
A23. Bean Curd Skin $3.50
A24. Eel $4.00

Rolls and Hand Rolls

(Brown Rice Extra $0.5)

R1. Spicy Tuna Roll $6.95
R2. Tuna Roll $6.50
R3. Spicy White Tuna Roll $6.95
R4. White Tuna Scallion Roll $6.50
R6. Yellow Scallions Roll $6.50
R7. Spicy Yellowtail Scallion Roll $6.95
R8. Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll $6.95
R9. Spicy Salmon Crunch Roll $6.95
R10. Salmon Roll $6.50
R11. Salmon Avocado Roll $6.95
R12. Salmon Cucumber Roll $6.95
R13. Alaska Roll $6.95
R14. Salmon Jalapeno Roll $6.95
R15. Salmon Skin Roll $6.25
R16. Philadelphia Roll $6.95
R17. Shrimp Avocado Roll $6.95
R18. Shrimp Cucumber Roll $6.95
R19. Boston Roll $6.95
R20. Shrimp Tempura Roll $7.95
R21. Eel Avocado Roll $7.25
R22. Eel Cucumber Roll $7.25
R23. California Roll $6.25
R24. King Crab Avocado Roll $9.95
R25. Crab Avocado Roll $7.95
R26. Spider Roll $11.00
R27. Crunch Spicy Scallop Roll $8.95
R28. Futomaki Roll $7.95
R29. Ume-Shiso Roll $6.25
R30. Avocado Roll $5.50
R31. Cucumber Roll $5.50
R32. Avocado Cucumber Roll $6.25
R33. Asparagus Cucumber Roll $6.25
R34. Asparagus Cucumber Tempura Roll $6.25
R35. Sweet Potato Tempura Roll $6.25
R36. Sun Dried Tomato Avocado Roll $6.25
R37. Oshinko Roll $5.50
R38. Kampyo Roll $5.50
R39. Tuna Avocado Roll $6.95
R40. Pumpkin Tempura Roll $6.25
R41. Shitake Cucumber Roll $6.25
R42. Peanut Avocado Roll $6.25
R43. Spicy California Roll $6.25
R44. Mango Shrimp Roll $6.95
R45. Tuna Mango Roll $6.95
R46. Salmon Mango Roll $6.95
R47. White Fish Tempura Roll $7.95
R48. Avocado Mango Roll $6.25

Dinner Special Combination Box

Choose One from column A and one from column B
Includes: Miso Soup, Green Salad, Shumai, Steamed Rice, with any Two Choice of Below:

Tofu Teriyaki4 Assorted Sushi
Salmon Teriyaki5 Assorted Sashimi
Chicken TeriyakiTuna Roll
Shrimp TeriyakiSalmon & Avocado Roll
Ton KatsuCalifornia Roll
Chicken KatsuEel & Cucumber Roll
Shrimp & Vegs. TempuraSpicy Crunchy Tuna Roll
Chicken NegimakiSpicy Crunchy Salmon Roll
Beef NegimakiAlaska Roll

Combination Box $19.95

Dessert and Beverage

Lychees $3.50
Fried Banana
(Raspberry dipping)
Fried Ice Cream
Green tea, vanilla, ginger or chocolate
Ice Cream
Green tea, vanilla, ginger or chocolate
Snapple $2.75
Soda $1.75
Thai Ice Tea $4.50
Lychee Ice Tea $4.50
Bottle Water $1.50

Side Order

White Rice $2.00
Brown Rice $2.00
Sushi Rice $2.00
Spicy Mayo $1.00
Eel Sauce $1.00
Peanut Sauce $1.00
Teriyaki Sauce $1.00
Ginger Dressing $1.00